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"Dialect coach Matt Furlani has done an incredible job."

A Case for the Existence of God (Red Stitch)

Limelight, 4 stars

"Having worked in Film and Television for the past ten years, I knew I would need help preparing my voice for the stage. Matt was really helpful inn sharing techniques, exercises and games to help with vocal connection and clarity. It helped in a multitude of ways: breath support, intention and learning lines. Thank you Matt!"

Angourie Rice (Mean GirlsSpider-Man: No Way Home, The Nice Guys, Black Mirror)

"Hats off to the cast, and voice and dialect coach Matt Furlani, for their flawless educated New England accents."


Admissions (MTC)

Limelight, 4 1/2 stars

"Matt taught me at 16th St. He is a really, really good teacher who is empowering and thorough, enthusiastic and nurturing. He makes you excited and curious about what the voice can do. He helped me with my first American accent for my first feature film and I will always be in debt to him."  

Jill Nguyen (Hungry Ghosts, Loveland, True History of the Kelly Gang)

"I’ve really enjoyed learning from Matt. He’s skilled at breaking down the complex intricacies of the American accent into simple and easily understandable bite-sized pieces. Not only does he focus on how your voice sounds, he also trains you on creating these sounds with natural technique. I look forward to further work with Matt."

Lucas Pittaway (Snowtown)

"Matt's been able to refine my Italian accent and build my RP accent up from scratch over the course of two (affordable) 10 packs. I had found dialect coaching to be a laborious necessity, however Matt's expertise allows for the learning to be efficient and effective."

 Jason Agius (Newton's Law, The Death and Life of Otto Bloom)

"Matt is a talented voice & accent coach, composer and sound designer. He was an indispensable member of the team that created my latest work; Polygraph (Theatre Works), where he turned his ‘ear' to all things audible.


Supporting the actors with their French/Canadian and German accents throughout the season contributed to the authenticity of this imaginary world. He gracefully solved problems in an intense and pressured environment and delivered a visceral, impactful and beautiful soundscape.


I cannot recommend him more highly."


Tanya Gerstle, Theatre maker, OpticNerve (Polygraph, The Mill On the Floss, Pale Blue Dot, Macbeth, Five Kinds Of Silence)

"Special mention to Matt Furlani's precise voice and dialect coaching, adding the necessary period and place to Miller's cautionary tale."
Death of a Salesman (Hearth Theatre)
Theatre Matters, 5 stars

"Matt has a real gift when it comes to teaching. His knowledge of language and vocal technique, coupled with his talent as an actor, have made every session I've had with him, an absolute dream. I look forward to working with Matt in the future on many more projects."
Rob Mills (Singer, Actor, Host)

"I have not studied acting my whole life but in the past few years I have had to catch up very quickly as I have entered the industry at an unusually fast pace. So far I have had to focus on learning a good American, English and Eastern European accent. Recently Matt helped me prepare a European/French accent. He is the best coach I have had so for accent training. His observation skills are superb and his analysis and breakdown of the necessary physicality needed to produce a convincing sound really helped me and expanded my own horizons and self awareness. I will definitely come back to him when I need a new accent."

Andeja Pejic


"I worked on a week-long workshop with Matt. I found him to be open and engaged in both his own explorations of voice, and in working with others. Always a really positive presence in the studio."

Deborah Garvey (Lecturer in Voice, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama )

"The other remarkable thing about this production is the actors’ authentic use of the Mancunian accent. Matt Furlani’s work as the accent coach on this production is distinguished by the actors’ seemingly effortless vocal delivery. They flawlessly deliver a complex and sometimes difficult script."


Pomona (Red Stitch)

Arts Hub, 5 stars

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